Do Woman Gain Fat More Easily Than Men?

Females have a general tendency to gain fat right after puberty naturally. This can be justified by hormonal changes as nature preparing the women’s body for pregnancy, child bearing and lactation, but this doesn’t stop there. Sometimes it’s painfully frustrating for women that they gain fat more easily than their male counter parts, even on same diet.

Lets discuss some of the factors that contribute to women gaining fat more easily than men.

Less muscle, more fat

  • Female body has a greater fat ratio than a male body has. The fat cells use almost 1 calorie per hour while the muscles use 6 calories per hour normally. What does it mean? By simply having more lean muscle mass, men enjoy more calories consumption throughout the day, therefore being less prone to getting fat on the same diet that might make a woman fat.

Slow basal metabolic rate (BMR)

  • Females generally have a slower basal metabolic rate. This can be justified by nature preparing them to have a rate to coupe up with pregnancy requirements. But this also results from various hormonal specifications and life style of females in our society. Also, the above mentioned more fat naturally contributes to slower BMR too.

Working in Kitchen and cravings

  • Women are the ones who’re mostly working in kitchen at home. This means more encounters with edibles and thus more cravings, resulting in unplanned and uncontrolled eating. This often-neglected factor can be a huge factor for weight gain in women alone.

Less outdoor time and activities

  • You need bread? The guy will go get it! you need trash disposed? Well the son or husband will do it. Majority of the outdoor tasks are performed by the men at home. This means that they perform more physical activity than women, resulting in more calorie expenditure and thus less weight gain.

Stress and Depression

  • Due to the gifted nature of females, they’re more prone to being in depression and stress states. It’s not that men don’t have those states, they tend to get over them faster than females.

Studies have shown that during stress and depression, hormonal changes occur in the body and can lead to cravings and direct fat storage too.

By understanding the contributing factors to weight gain, women can modify their life style to minimize their affects and thus prevent unnecessary weight gain!

Amber Peterson

Lover of family, fitness, and life. I always struggled with my weight when I was younger and had no clue about how or what to eat. I know help people all over the world learn what works for them. I encourage a lifestyle change vs some fad diet routine. I look forward to helping and learning from you.

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