Quick & Easy Abdominal Workout


Working your abdominal muscles is just like working any other muscle. Work it hard, give it rest, and see results. The hardest part about your abs is that if they are under a layer of fat they are very hard to see. So regardless of what ab workout you are choosing to do, you will need to clean up that diet if you ever want them to really show.

This is a very quick and easy ab workout you can do anywhere. Abs can be tricky so always switch up what you are doing. if you are doing the same routine over and over it will get easier. Abs are funny because you can think you have a tight core, then switch up your routine and WoW feel that burn. So with that said… give this a shot and let us know what you think.

Oh… and one more thing. Remember our Fitness Manifest. It is a great read, but also remember that getting a Six Pack is tough work! Think about how many people you know that have one? If you do they are probably working out and eating very very well or they are some genetic freak 😉 Just know that even though you might not see a six pack that you are working hard and doing what is right for your overall health!




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