Great Dietary Habits For The Layman


Most fitness and health related magazines have us thinking that good diet habits and an enviable physique are just for people that have impeccable genes and a lifestyle that cannot possible be imitated but this is simply not true. By incorporating simple changes you can make sure that you not only lose weight but also have more energy to sustain you throughout the day.

Trying To Regularize

  • If you are one of the people that eat vast amounts of sugar or are not into home-cooked meals and are always trying out some new restaurant or the other then you will definitely be varying your diet all the wrong ways. If you try to train yourself to eat similar foods then you will be able to train your body to metabolize those foods more easily too. This goes a long way in reducing your weight and also making sure your energy level is maximized.
  • Allotting your calories in a healthy way is also a habit which keeps off the pounds because you can allot more to breakfast than you do to lunch and dinner. Of course everyone’s body works differently but most people have their metabolism ready to go in the morning or after a solid workout so you can take that opportunity to have the sweeter and fattening things as the impact can be minimized.

don't skip breakfastNever Skipping Breakfast

  • It is no joke when health enthusiasts say that breakfast is the most important meal that you can have. “some may say otherwise…” It not only kick starts your day it also determines the energy levels you will have throughout and people who regularly skip it suffer from various types of fatigue. If you suffer from recurrent binge eating then this is a good way to curb that since you are more likely to eat less during the day if you had a good breakfast.


drink more waterDrinking Water Like A Camel

  • Drinking diet coke or fruit juice is not going to complete your liquid requirements and will probably end up making you feel bloated and fat. You need to focus on drinking water and adding lemon in or cold green tea is a great thing to do.  Try to drink as much as possible especially if you are exercising or exerting yourself a lot physically and aim for 8 glasses a day on all days.

Whole foods and Fruits

  • Never skip on eating fruits and vegetables and especially salads. They can be great fillers for in-between meals and can form a lunch or dinner to keep you going when you aren’t in the mood for starch or fattening breads. Low density foods which are whole grain in nature can be incredibly filling and will also curb cravings for sugars and cake (especially so for people that are addicted to chocolate).

Indulge Every Now And Then

  • If you try and keep away from all foods that interest you, you will more likely binge eat and always feel unsatisfied. By treating yourself  once in awhile you can really spice up your game and make sure it is easier to stick to the healthy dietary changes you have adopted. However, do not keep unhealthy and sugary foods around at home in huge quantities if you cannot control yourself because then you will be tempted to eat them at least before they expire or your siblings get them.

Good Food Choices At Restaurants

  • Contrary to popular belief you can totally alter the menu choices at restaurants and it is not set in stone. You can opt to have less cheese in a dish for example and making small changes like this can go a long way especially if eating out is a big part of your lifestyle. If you are frequently eating out, you will need to cut down someway or another or it will become a habit of non-compromise. You can also balance out the calories by having a salad and then something slightly sweet to finish.
Amber Peterson

Lover of family, fitness, and life. I always struggled with my weight when I was younger and had no clue about how or what to eat. I know help people all over the world learn what works for them. I encourage a lifestyle change vs some fad diet routine. I look forward to helping and learning from you.

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