What Are The Good Fats In Your Food?

Many people fight the battle of the bulge. They want to lose fat. Our thinking about what constitutes good foods and bad foods changes drastically over time. At one time, fat was the enemy in our war on weight loss. This is not necessarily true. Fats do tend to contain more calories per serving than other types of food, but the body does need certain fats in order to maintain health. Fats help maintain mood, and healthy fats provide muscle cushioning. As far as weight loss goes, the goal remains the same. The person needs to use more calories than he or she consumes. Now, the dieter who wants to stick with the current trends of thinking may want to avoid bad fats.

Bad fats, which are mostly trans fats, have been banned by many cities. Other places think these bans are going a bit too far, but many restaurants have stopped using these products in their products as well. Lard, stick margarine and cheeses all contain a certain amount of trans fats. As long as an individual consumes them in moderation, he or she should have no problem maintaining his or her weight. It is calories and activity that are important in the modern Battle of the Bulge.

So, what are good fats in food? Even though a person does not need to avoid fats in order to lose weight, he or she may want to consider taking in certain types of fats in order to maintain a healthy diet. These are monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats. Most cooking oils contain them. Olive oil also contains it. A person who cooks most of his or her food with lard may want to consider switching to olive, peanut or canola oil. The last oil is not as expensive as the first two. Of course, there are still certain dishes where lard is an indispensable part of the recipe.

Good fats are the food that help you maintain your health. Bad fats are the ones that contribute to higher rates of cholesterol and the clogging of arteries. The good fats help prevent this. If someone wants to make sure he or she gets the required amount of good fats in his diet, he may also want to consider snacking on olives. Olives may not be quite as tasty as the potato chips or chocolate, but it is just as salty as the first common treat. They are also great on salads.

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