The Key To REALLY Losing Fat & Getting Healthy

No holds barred folks, this article’s the end of the line…

…but beware, once you’re through reading it you’ll have absolutely no more excuses to carry around the excess body fat that you claim is a source of despair.

Here’s the Truth: It’s ALL In Your Head!

Losing weight, trimming body fat, and sporting photo-worthy muscles isn’t about changing what your body’s doing. In fact, forget your body altogether. You’re missing the fitness-forest for the trees if you think being in amazing shape has anything to do with molecules and cells.

Ditch the physiology for a few minutes and let’s focus instead on psychology.

Without that mind of yours, echoing these words somewhere inside your noggin right now, your body is completely and utterly lifeless...useless. Whether we’re talking a jacked-up competition-level body builder, or a seasoned couch potato, their bodies are the result of mind.

Every early morning workout.

Every single shred of micro and macronutrients.

Every drop of gut-wrenching roaring sweat.

Every physical act is a result of mind….

Forget everything else in the vast universe spinning around you. Stop a second and wake up! Now, be honest with yourself, what thought pattern is causing you to be something you don’t want to be?

And hey, no excuses! ZERO. NONE. NATTA. Unless you’re a paraplegic or something like that, there’s literally nothing under the sun that could stop that mind of yours once you find the inner-culprits holding you back and replace them.

Before crunches, sprints and sit-ups, you need to get inspired!

Before the lean meals and protein shakes, you need to realize you’ll be dead soon!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Times Running Out…


With commitment comes rapid results. Once the average-looking gym rat gets truly fed up with mediocre sculpting results, or even a single dad with man-boobs, KABOOM… a few months go by and it looks like they run their own underground Fight Club.

So, what’s on your mind? Are you ready to change, and as a result, dramatically transform your lifestyle so that your body, like a piece of machinery, changes gears and brings forth a new adaptation?

The Fat Reduction Secret: Sculpt Your Goals First!

Why do you ‘think’ you want less body fat? What’s the point? Who cares? With close to an infinite number of other things you could do with your time on this planet, why is this one a big deal to you?

This stuff’s important to nail down because if you’d painted the goal of losing fat better before today, you’d have already conquered it! If you made your goal of getting lean the coolest thing in YOUR world, you’d already have it by now.

Somewhere along the line you mentally made getting in tip-top shape a “meh” affair. So basically, you can read fat loss blogs and ebooks until you cry, and it’s not going to change anything.

A 3-Step Fat Reduction Goal Creation Process

  • Step 1: Flush all excuses, lies, and self-deceptions down the toilet and pinpoint EXACTLY what thoughts in your mind are keeping you stuck in a body fat rut.
  • Step 2: After becoming inspired, direct this powerful energy into envisioning and then writing down the goal: clear and precise reasons why you want to look a certain way, and what you’ll be doing with this new body; why it matters.
  • Step 3: Completely trust that your mind will direct you to the right foods, habits, workouts, and behaviors necessary to reach this goal.

That’s it. No kidding. THAT…IS…IT! Okay, just calm down. You’re excited and that’s good. Your heart’s beating a bit faster and the blood is flooding into the creative centers of your brain. Cool, harness that and begin goal-crafting.

Soon your mind will take all the information you’ve given it regarding fat loss, working out, and nutrition and give you everything you need… or, go in search. We’re here for ya! Subscribe, bookmark the site, and come back when you’re ready. Cheers!