Fit Father Project FF30X Workout Review

At Fitness Life Change we constantly talk about not just changing your life for 30 days, 60 days etc…. although we do need to start off small, but we always emphasize a huge “Lifestyle Change” that becomes the norm!

Yes we all know it is hard to do, but your best and longest lasting results in health will come via this method!

That is why we were delighted to come across Dr. Anthony and the Fit Father Project! More importantly their awesome workout program called FF30X.

One of our biggest frustrations is when people come to us asking about working programs they have heard about or seen on TV etc…. While these are all not bad, a lot of them are just trying to get you in the door to sell you something else.

Not to mention they can be more confusing to beginners.

So… Who Is FF30X For Anyway?

Well Dr. Anthony targets males over 40 in this workout, but truth be told the workout would work for anyone, but a lot of it is designed for men, so woman if your man has been looking for a change keep reading!

Truth be told both men and woman have different needs when it comes to working out and more importantly diet.

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no-think-meal-plan-ff30xSo Is There An FF30X Meal Plan Diet?

Yes there is and we have to say it is pretty awesome!

One of the big take aways with this meal plan is to really just print it out and take an hour or so to go over it and read it!

You want to understand why and what you are eating. Once it clicks and you understand how your body needs food for fuel and when it needs it, things get a lot easier.

He basically created what he calls the “No Think” meal plan that lays out exactly what the best foods are, the shopping lists, the recipes, and scheduling of meals.

You won’t be hungry and you will be losing weight while eating great foods!

Dr. Anthony’s one client VJ actually just followed the meal plan and started walking 30 minutes a day and has lost something like 50lbs! He didn’t even do the workout plan which is killer!

If you want to skip this review and see every single detail about the workout >>CLICK HERE<<

What Is The FF30X Workout Plan?

This is the 30 day workout that will get your metabolism cranking and building some lean muscle.

The best part is Dr. Anthony gives you some options if you have access to a gym or not.

If you have an even set of kettle bells all the better, but you can use dumbbells as well.

You are not set up to fail with this workout like a lot of others do. What I mean by that is many of the more popular workouts have you cranking out workouts 6 days a week for at least an hour and lets be honest…. that will burn people out real quick!

Been there done that!

The truth is you need rest! Rest is when your body gets stronger and repairs itself.

FF30X is set to give you the rest days and builds in more workouts during the 30 days and gives you options.

The RX8 workout is a KILLER! You are gonna get worked, but it is a straight to the point workout that gets results.

Dr. Anthony finishes you off with some basic old school lifting to really round your body off.

30 days of this and you are gonna see results! BUT… again this is a BIG BUT, it is not just about 30 days right?

This is about the future and your fitness lifestyle…

Maybe this workout will keep you doing it over and over again although they do offer different phases and you get passed the 30 days.

Maybe it will get you to be more active in gym classes or obstacle races or something else.

What we don’t want is you to do this for 30 days then just go back to the bad habits you were doing before.

We need a habit/ lifestyle change for the better to continue!

If you want to see all the details about FF30X then >>CLICK HERE<< and you can read all the details.

I wanted to lay out the basics and let you know that YES this is a QUALITY workout and once you do the RX8 if you get through it 😉 you know that results are gonna follow.

Heck just changing up the diet alone is going to make you feel like new after a week of it!

Also they offer 2 FREE things.

FREE One Day Diet Plan: >>CLICK HERE<<

FREE killer 24 min workout: >>CLICK HERE<<

So check it out and if you get the workout please give us your review of FF30X from the Fit Father Project!


Amber Peterson

Lover of family, fitness, and life. I always struggled with my weight when I was younger and had no clue about how or what to eat. I know help people all over the world learn what works for them. I encourage a lifestyle change vs some fad diet routine. I look forward to helping and learning from you.

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