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Welcome to Fitness Life Change. We hope that in time you will realize that reaching your fitness and health goals really is a life change and not just a quick fix.

Before you go one word or sentence further you have to know this one TRUE thing…


Yikes sorry I hope I did not discourage you in any way. If you are looking for shortcuts or quick fixes to losing weight, getting in shape, and bettering your health you may have to look somewhere else. That is not to say there are “Better Ways Of Doing Things!“. There certainly are and that is part of our goal here. We focus around a few basic principals.

  • Moderation & Consistency
  • Motivation & Accountability

Moderation & Consistency

  • We firmly believe that for most people these two ideas are key! Many people will start a new program, workout, diet, etc… that is supposed to last for some amount of time, 30, 60, or 90 days or however long. What we see is a few things…. People fade out after a few weeks or half way through. Others make it all the way through, get great results, but then go right back to their old habits. Never a good idea!
  • That is why we fill change in lifestyle and realizing that “moderation” getting workouts in the majority of the time, eating healthy the majority of the time will have better results overall and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Many people burn out because they feel they have to be “on point” ALL THE TIME. They miss a workout, a bad meal it puts them in a downward spiral. If we can stay “consistent” with our moderation the long term our health is going to be amazing. How many times have you ate right and worked out like a fitness star for a month or so, only to follow that with 6 months of binge eating and not exercising? Yup thought so!

Motivation & Accountability

  • We are here to help motivate you and keep you accountable. We cannot be there for you all the time, so it is always a good idea to find a partner, friend, spouse, whomever that wants to take the journey with you! Set up times to meet and workout. Help plan meals, or healthy alternatives. Tell that person to “PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!” or whatever is needed to get you up and going.
  • I think we turn to Facebook or Twitter where we follow these “fitness people” and all we see them post about is the killer workout they just did, or the awesome super healthy meal they ate all while flashing a ripped six pack at you. Now, that is not such a bad thing, but a lot of times it can be a bit discouraging or maybe the word is more “unattainable”.

I will leave you with this, since this is getting a bit lengthy. Our authors range from people just starting their journey in fitness to others who have been on that up and down road for a long time! No matter what your goals are just know that they take time! As Tony Horton would say “Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your body!“.

So basically set attainable goals… learn moderation & consistency in your fitness/health… use us or find another way to get motivation & accountability.